Mobile Phone Phenomenon by Nathan Eagle #Eso3D #MRX

This is a live blog posting from the Esomar 3D conference in Miami. Written, summarized, and posted just minutes after the speaker has finished. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side-notes are mine as well.

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Mobile phone phenomenon!
Engaging the next billion
Nathan Eagle, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jana (formerly txteagle), USA

  • One cent of bonus airtime for a ten cent call was sufficient to get Kenyan nurses to share information – the NEXT billion people, emerging markets, who really don’t have internet access
  • 90+ countries, 230+ mobile operators, 2+ billion consumers in all emerging markets can now participate in research without paying to participate (airtime costs them money)
  • [wow. global map shows just how narrow the easy access internet population is. We forget that there’s more to this planet than north america and europe.]
  • Slowest growing economies? US, Frances, Spain, Italy, Norway
  • Shares of global middle class consumption in next 40 years – massive increase for China, India. decrease for EU, US, Japan. [HEY! Where’s my lovely Canada?]
  • Top ten economies – Now US, China, Japan, India, Germany, Russia, Brazil, UK, France, Italy. In 2050 China, US, India, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Germany, UK, Mexico (in order)
  • Why mobile? It’s where people are. Mobile is the ONLY way to reach the next billion people. It’s not mobile with apps. It’s old style mobile. That is what emerging countries have access to.
  • Developing countries have plateaued. But emerging markets are still rising high. Growth in internet is all about handsets.
  • Phone subscriptions are pre-paid in emerging markets. no contract. no credit. constantly adding small bits of airtime from kiosks. If we give them small amounts of airtime, it is like electronic cash.
  • Phones are more common than banking.
  • A mobile strategy changes penetration to 5 billion handsets at no cost to the end-user. Maybe no images, maybe no internet, maybe no ‘pretty’ surveys, but it works for billions of people. Handset users may not be able to spell. It’s best for 5 question, multiple choice.
  • Mobile is a great source of people. Great incentive for lots of people (airtime as a currency, equivalent to cash). Good for screener questions.
  • [Good presentation. We always forget about non-first world countries. The rest of the world can benefit from research too. Think outside your culture.
  • Saved the United Nations 4 million dollars and gave them better data. 49 countries, simultaneously.
  • NPR poll: what would you do with 15 dollars – buy a domain name, give to needy, give to mosque, buy a dowry
  • Balanced panel in emerging countries – panel recruitment assistance
  • Caution – Mobile doesn’t solve everything. Create appropriate strategy. What goes viral in one country won’t in another.
  • Everyone likes to pay less for their mobile phone bill. [I like to pay $0. ]
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