Esomar 3D Day 1 Summary

If you put aside the lovely beach, pelicans flying by, warm ocean waves, coral picking along the sand, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, is there much left to Esomar Miami?

Yes! The desserts at lunch and breaktime were pretty much the best I’ve ever seen at a conference.  Delish mexican treats and then delish chocolate mud cake, meringues, cheesecake, and more. Oh yes, Bernie, Annie plus sugar preparing to speak on a panel is a great mix!

The speaker set-up was great fun. With the little ear pieces, I felt like Sporty Spice as I delivered my “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want” talk. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my talk was rated 3rd best of the day.

What turned out to be the blogger table was also fun. It was the only table with a plug close by and everyone who planned to live blog was desperately seeking out that plug. So, I with Tom, Jeffrey, Lenny and more, furiously jammed our computer cords into 2 outlets. Wait. Not. 15 plugs, two outlets? Come on power bar! And not just the tasty kind.

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