How to Engage Consumers in Multinational Communities by Austin and Lerman #Eso3D #MRX

This is a live blog posting from the Esomar 3D conference in Miami. Written, summarized, and posted just minutes after the speaker has finished. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side-notes are mine as well.

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Lessons from the front lines
How to engage BRIC consumers in multinational online communities
Manila Austin & Katrina Lerman, Communispace, USA

  • BRIC consumers are very socially connected even though internet penetration is lower than most western countries (Brazil, India, Russia, China)
  • 300-500 people is viewed as a small community. 🙂 [Hey survey fans, I thought 10 meant small]
  • BRIC are more likely to read than post but everyone posted at least a couple times a week.
  • Youth want to talk with other youth around the world about their shared experiences. A recognizable brand involved makes them feel exclusive and in the know. Keep the tone fun, frequent, and flexible.
  • China and India posts more often, more lurking, more words, more contributions.
  • Lessons
  • Leverage the diversity, it is a draw, not a barrier. Youth from other countries want to know what it’s like to drive on a highway with no speed limit. [Buzzword!: leverage]
  • Know why you’re there: Have a commonality, life-stage, brand passion, professional affiliation.
  • Beware the western lens: ignore your assumptions, keep it simple, don’t get lost in translation, be culturally aware.  [i need to be reminded of this all the time. i forget that other people aren’t addicted to dessert like I am.]
  • Allow consumers to show, not just tell: get unfiltered emotions that get lost in writing, particularly if people aren’t proficient. Use videos, photos from home, work, shopping.
  • Facilitators must play an active role: Must be part of community, interact with members, probe for follow-up, write with care, take the time. You’ll get more out of the community if you put a lot into it.
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