Digital Matrimonies that Transform the Face of Research by Kristin Luck #Eso3D #MRX

This is a live blog posting from the Esomar 3D conference in Miami. Written, summarized, and posted just minutes after the speaker has finished. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side-notes are mine as well.

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Digital matrimony: marriages that are transforming the face of research
Do you, the Internet, take social media and mobile, to converge into one platform?
Kristin Luck, Decipher, USA

  • How do we use technology for good instead of for cool
  • 35% of americans use smartphones which seems low given everyone in this room is using one [get outside your comfort zone and see reality]
  • It doesn’t matter what we want. It matters how people want to participate in research.
  • Online research needs a spouse – or several. Spouses are SM, mobile, and tablets
  • Reconnecting with the consumer in their own digital backyard [want to see pictures of my garden?]
  • What are the patterns of influencers, not just the power of influencers?
  • The data that Google/facebook is far more valuable than what you get from them – free uploads, sharing, comments, websites
  • Kristin just showed a tweet of mine “Dear google, when you suggest i go to, you’re just reminding me that you’re invading my privacy.”  She didn’t ask my permission to use this tweet. [Ah, Kristin, you’re my bud 🙂 ]
  • How many apps will one panelist download? [Hm… if every panel company has an app and every panelist is on ten panels… don’t kid yourself]
  • The blending debate – should mobile data be looked at differently than online data?
  • Mobile survey takers are – slower, give shorter answers, no differences in satisfaction ratings.
  • Privacy concerns – does the data include more than what the panelists know about
  • Shout out for David Stark at Gfk [my bud too 🙂 ]
  • Tablets are a laptop/mobile device and dependent on how people use the devices.
  • Qualiquant word mentioned again. [love it!]
  • How do we marry all these devices/platforms? Cross platform panel recruitment.
  • Survey or polling widgets can go anywhere and be shared
  • Minimize all non-essential content – progress bars, logos. [hear that? drop the logos!]
  • Minimize distractions – keep questions simple
  • Most competitors are not run by researchers. Watch them for innovations.
  • Stay focused on the user experience. “Innovation and NewTools in MR” Check out this group on linkedin
  • Amateurs built the arc but professionals built the titanic
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