Chocolate, Vultures, and Glowsticks oh my #eso3d #mrx

Day 2 of Esomar 3d brought many wonders. As expected, every dessert was a wonderful treat – chocolates and cakes and oh my, I ate as much as I possibly could. This conference had the best desserts of any conference I’ve been to. And with more glow sticks and coloured voting cards, there was fun to be had too.

Day 2 also brought animal delights. A flock of hundreds of turkey vultures floated effortlessly in the sky, a pelican landed 15 feet away from me as I swam in the ocean, jellyfish at my feet, jellyfish stinging my arm, and far too many sea shells and coral to pack in my carry on.

Day 2 brought tears to my eyes with a presentation by Koki Uchiyama and Michio Mutoh who spoke about The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. It was an inspiring case study about using research for good, not just to sell more soap. It was a wake up call to remember what really matters in life.

As with any conference, I hated the last hour. It’s a sad hour that marks the end of inspirational talks that remind us why we’re in market research to begin with. Two days of chatting with like-minded passionate people is a hard thing to leave behind but once again, I’m refreshed and newly inspired and eager to take on all that comes my way.

I say good-bye to you Esomar, but I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

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