Digital Trends by Dominic Harrison #Eso3D #esomar

This is a live blog posting from the Esomar 3D conference in Miami. Written, summarized, and posted just minutes after the speaker has finished. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side-notes are mine as well.

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Digital trends forecast 2012
Dominic Harrison, Future Foundation, UK

  • [First mention of the word QualiQuant. Good start!]
  • The digital maximizer – best product, best price, best everything [not me…]
  • More than half of internet users compare prices online. A third of people checked online reviews before buying a phone.
  • The rise of smart boredom – turn downtime into constructive time [yes, i can drive and tweet and drink and put on lipstick and bake bread all at the same time]
  • What do people do while waiting for a bus? Switch off, check email, browse internet, play games [me? TWEET!]
  • Passive leisure is struggling – TV plus internet surfing [me? TV plus baking during the commercials. yes, it’s difficult]
  • TV channels support non-passive leisure by offering apps and website interaction intended for during the TV show
  • “Do some good” app – charitable activities on your phone. Music based incentives for taking surveys and other tasks. [Awesome idea!]
  • The quantified self – measure everything, running shoe apps, calorie counters. 15% of smartphone users use these things. [or… tweet charts, chocolate bar graphs, pumpkin pie charts]
  • Integrating the play ethic – Not a new idea but tendency has been energized by technology. Half of smartphone users play games once a month. mafiawars, angrybirds, farmville. [Twitter is a game right? I’m a tad off that chart!]
  • Digital etiquette – 42% of young people have posted things they wish they didn’t, half have detagged photos [See? Privacy matters! Please respect online privacy! ]
  • US, but not Canada,- majority of social networkers log in every day [Interesting! US but not Canada]
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