A Decade of Netnography #Eso3D #esomar

This is a live blog posting from the Esomar 3D conference in Miami. Written, summarized, and posted just minutes after the speaker has finished. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side-notes are mine as well.

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Review of a decade of netnography research
Implications for future social media analysis
Michael Bartl & Gregor Jawecki, HYVE, Germany
Jan Henric Stönner & Dominic Gastes, Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

  • Communities exist on thousands of topics, not just research communities. remember forums from the old days? They’re still around. Tantalk.com, chainsaw-forum, aquarium-forum
  • Netnography is qualitative, non-participative, manual data quality. Translate insights into solutions. Ethnography for the internet.
  • Phase 1 introduction 1998-2004; Phase 2 standardization 2004-2009; Phase 3 optimization 2009-now
  • When is netnography most beneficial?
  • Who conducts netnography? Marketing, research and development, market research.
  • Value is in creativity, fresh ideas, spark for internal innovation
  • U&A is initial use. Then perceptions. Then suggestions. Then solutions. Solutions are the ideal knowledge.
  • NEED information is useful for companies. Freedom to interpret. Insights in consumer language.
  • SOLUTION information is the wow effect. Difficult to work with though. Undermines product.
  • learning: Visualizations of product should convey it is a work in progress.
  • learning: integrate all stakeholders
  • learning: get in touch with people in the communities
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