Math might be scary but it isn’t new

In the good ol’ days, after the invention of numbers, we did everything by hand – by paper, pen, and pencil. Math was hard but people got it. Over the years, we switched to fancy calculators and amazingly fast computers, but the math stayed essentially the same. Don’t be scared of it. Embrace it, work at it, you can learn it.

My dad, awesome guy that he is, still uses his slide rule for everything.
slide rule pundit kitchen


2 responses

  1. Hey, I loooove the main caption, “This was done with a slide rule,” but what’s with picking on eighth graders? If the current state of education isn’t what we want it to be, then surely we adults should step up and take the responsibility.

    1. Totally agree. Adults need to pull their weight to get the kids up to speed. Adults also need to work on becoming more number literate themselves. I think we’ve become too tolerant of “it’s hard” and “that too complicated for me” and we’ve given up on our own ability to try and understand math. Yup, it might be more difficult than we want but if we focus and try to understand the numbers, we probably can.

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