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There’s a new newspaper in town and it’s called It’s an easy to use tool that automatically aggregates and nicely displays the top posts on Twitter or Facebook according to several rules.

  1. A specific hashtag on Twitter (e.g., everything tagged with #MRX)
  2. A specific Twitter list (e.g., Annie’s market research list)
  3. Keywords on Twitter (e.g., any tweet that has the word ‘bar chart’)
  4. Keywords on Facebook
  5. An RSS feed (e.g., the feed from your favourite research organization)


So here is what I like about
  1. It’s got an easy login via your Facebook or Twitter account so you don’t have to remember yet another username and password
  2. You can set it to automatically tweet the paper through your twitter account every day or every week
  3. It’s pleasing to the eyes in terms of the layout and including images and videos
  4. You don’t have to spend hours individually picking out the articles for each paper. It’s completely automated.
  5. And the main reason I like it: It’s a great summary of the top news items on any particular day or week which is great when you only have a few minutes to check on things
I have a few papers set up which provide good evening reading including:
Have a peek at them but be prepared to drool when you open the Sugar and Spice Daily!


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