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Session summary of the Marketing Research Association 2011 annual conference. These are my interpretations of the session. They were written during the session and posted immediately afterwards. Any inaccuracies and silliness are my own.

Keynote: What It Means to be a Connected Human in the 21st Century
James McQuivey, Ph.D., Forrester Research

  • Dr. Everett Rogers is the father of Diffusion of Innovation, brought S-curves to life
  • Our tools and theories are not perfect but that’s fine; we make mistake and learn how to predict the future better because of that
  • Everything he studied in career is now useless, had to rethink adoption curve and what penetration looks like, can’t rely on certain set of early adopters anymore
  • Digital adoption revolution is occuring, adoption is faster than ever, things they adopt stimulate adoption of many other things, it’s a loop, We are on the verge of changing what it really means to be human
  • Top digital product 2010: Kindle, iPad, Kinect; Are these anomonlies, how well they have sold? No, not in same year, with same growth. Virtuous cycle enable a digital life.
  • Circle: How we connect (home networks, internet, high speed), What we connect (ipads, games, laptop, phone; xbox or game console pushes people over 4+ threshold of connected items), How we experience (power of apps, this way cool game, addicted drug of choice, give me more better experiences)
    Entering the era of experience. Industrial revolution, Era of Production (make better faster stronger stuff),  Era of Distribution (amazon and walmart distribute), Era of Experience (differentiate from competitors based on experience, distinct value for customer)
  • Digital products will enable and require other non-digital products be reborn as digital experiences
  • Beauty category: Bathroom, above mirror is a camera, stand in front of mirror and it shows you what you would look like with your hair redone or makeup done. Whoever owns that mirror owns the customer – the makeup company, the computer company
  • Flight apps already do this – they tell you if your flight is on time before the announcements in the terminal, relax – you already missed your flight 🙂    It’s a digital experience even though it doesn’t change the way you fly
  • Food assistant app – pick recipes, shopping list with an app, update your spouses app with your shopping list
  • Meal snap – take a picture and it estimates the calories in the food, that’s a personal relationship, more than your personal training who sees you once per month
  • Total Product Experience – expand product beyond normal boundary, reinforces product not just brand, creates a new depth of customer experience more persistent and more meaningful
  • Device, Platform, Service or application
  • (Had to leave half way through, be sure to download the prez from the Forrester website)
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