MRA Membership Meeting #MRA_AC #MRA

David Almey – Updates on the MRA

  • Vision – added the word unify
  • Redid the articles of incorporation which were last done in 1957 – Articles and vision are now on the website
  • Revamped the blue book – On the website with side by side comparisons, traffic has doubled
  • Membership – Reduced from 8 to 4 levels, free member webinars, membership is up, webinar participation has tripled since last year
  • Bylaws – board downsized from 18 to 11 people, “President” is now “Chairman of the board”
  • New Logo – took 9 months, 150 designs from 30 designers, 2 rounds of surveys, and ta dum! reviews are positive.
  • New website – launched yesterday, newsfeed, internal MRA feed, MRA communities, 31 new forums so membership can talk, private social network, Communities!!! it’s a work in progress, use the provide feedback button (Can’t wait!), this is authored by membership not the staff
  • Conference – new corporate research conference in the fall, to attract corporate researchers but intended for everyone, September 21-23 in Chicago
  • Move headquarters from Connecticut to Washington on Dec 1, 2011
  • DC has been option for a long time
  • The discussion began long before David came on board. This will make his commute easier but this is not why the move happened.
  • Expanding legislative requirements means we will have daily interaction with members of congress, FTC, FCC, and other administrative personel
  • Consolidating staff in DC will improve productivity
  • Thousands of associations are based on DC

Peter Van Brunt

  • Installed new board
  • Now they must act ethically 🙂

Ken Roberts

  • Chairman of the board next year
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