Washington DC in 1.5 hours and the escalator that killed me #MRA_AC #MRX

Are you ready to hoof it with me? I toured the mall in a mere one and half hours.

I took the subway to Metro Center and followed it up with a fast walk around the National Mall. I checked out the White House (got yelled at by the sidewalk guard and could barely even see the building),  the Washington Monument (proudly portrayed in Dan Brown‘s novel), the Freer Gallery, the US Botanic Garden, Capital Hill, the History Museum, and much more. The art sculptures along the way were quite interesting too and the grotto, if you can find it, is a little hidden treat!

Then, I got back to the Woodley Zoo metro stop to find the escalator out of service. Absolutely definitely take the elevator if the escalator is out of service. I have never in my entire life seen as escalator like that. It is 200 feet long. I just about died walking up it and about half of the people who looked up at it stopped and simply said Oh… My…. God…

And yes, that is me and Tweetfeel Jessie at Capital Hill. As usual, random strangers stopped me in the street to ask about my TweetFeel shirt. The artist should be very proud of his work, whoever he is!

PS, I had dinner at the bird feeding station behind the hotel and a deer wandered by. You should have come! 🙂

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