Annie Pettit, Chief #MRIA2011 Blogger

Are you excited about the upcoming MRIA annual conference? I am! In just ten days, market researchers from all across Canada, and around the world, will converge on Kelowna, British Columbia to learn, meet, and greet their colleagues. And not only will I present a session on Cell + Survey + SMR Mashups on behalf of Conversition Strategies and Research Now, I have also been appointed by the MRIA as the Chief Blogger of the 2011 conference.

What does that mean? It means I’ll be live blogging every session I attend so that you can hear the main points of each speaker within minutes of the conclusion of each talk. I’ll blog lunch and dinner, as well as the tradeshow, the events, and the hotel. If they serve creme brulee you’ll be among the first to know this essential information. Have a story you’d like me to cover? Tweet or email me and let me know!

I will be paid well for my efforts so don’t worry. I’ll be the first person in line at lunch as well as the person budding ahead of you to take the last pretzel from the snack table.

But, alas, I’m just one person and can’t possibly cover all of the events. That’s where my fellow attendees come in. Raise your hand if you intend to do a little bit of conference blogging yourself. Leave a quick comment below and let’s chat about how we can cover more ground together.

Hopefully, we’ll do a good enough job so that those of you who couldn’t attend just might feel like you’re at the conference in person. And perhaps next year, you’ll have the factual evidence required to convince your boss to let you go.

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