Twitter For Good

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Twitter is fun, informative, and educational. But it can be more. Here are a few easy ways to use Twitter for good, particularly when you’re on public transit and having nothing else to do anyways.

  1. Search for students needing survey response completes and answer their surveys. Search out tweets that say “survey” and “class” and you’ll find them soon enough.
  2. Retweet links from students who need survey completes.
  3. Give encouragement to students in your field by searching out tweets that have words like “statistics” and “exam.” Give them a good old fashioned Good Luck tweet.
  4. Retweet relevant job ads, particularly when it’s at a company you respect or from a person you admire.
  5. Retweet Amber Alerts even if you think it’s a hoax (missing child)
  6. FollowFriday your favorite charities. In fact, FollowFriday them even if it isn’t Friday.
  7. When companies offer to make a charitable donation for a retweet, do a retweet.
What other ideas do you have? I’d love to hear them!
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