Gigantic News Deserving of a Box of Nanaimo Bars!

Image representing e-Rewards as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

Today, I have huge news! E-Rewards, the parent company of Research Now, has acquired Conversition Strategies. After two years of envisioning,  outlining, creating, and promoting quality social media research products, I am thrilled that we will be joining this global market research data collection company to bring high quality SMR products to even more people.

With this acquisition, I will take on a dual role as Chief Research Officer within the Conversition division as well as Vice President of Research Standards within the Research Now division. My new role will allow me to continue to promote quality and high standards in social media research and beyond. I couldn’t be happier. Ford had it right when they said Quality is Job 1.

My blog and tweets will remain as seriously silly as always. So join me in a Nanaimo bar and rootbeer as I toast to a great past year and an even greater next year.

Read the press release on the Research Now website, the e-Rewards website, or the Conversition Strategies website.

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