Is Internet Access a Human Right?

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I never really thought of it before.

The internet is fun. You can go to YouTube and laugh at stupid movies for hours on end. You can go to Flickr and look at page after page of beautiful pictures of food and nature and art. Facebook is a never-ending source of addictive games and childish poking. Blogs are thought-provoking and brain building.

But what’s so essential about that? How does the internet compare to a roof over your head and  food in your belly?

The answer may be very simple. Every time I applied for a job over the last decade, I wrote a resume on my computer, reviewed the online job boards, researched the company websites, and emailed my application to the company. Government services and information are all online now. Housing information is all online. The best coupons for struggling families to save grocery dollars are all online. Homeless people flock to the library, shelters, and anywhere with free internet to access essential services.

Is internet access a human right? I’m starting to think it might be.

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