Help a Student! #MRX

Every day for an entire week, I stood in the University Centre at York University begging people to answer my survey. I had a stack of papers and pencils (which for some reason kept disappearing) and pleaded with people to help me with my thesis and dissertation. Most people were kind enough to help me out since my survey was only one page long and they could complete it in just a few minutes.

With twitter, it’s become a lot easier for students to get those completes. Even better, they can get completes from people around the world, from people who aren’t in school, from people who represent unique demographic characteristics.

Are you looking for a good deed to do today? The tweets you see here are a few folks I tried to help out a few weeks ago. They may not need any more survey completes today but there are probably a bunch of other students who could use your help. So here is your good deed for the day.

Search on Twitter for “survey” and “school.” Find a student who needs more survey completes and answer their survey. Then, retweet their survey link. Have you helped a student today?


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