I’m a Lion in the Market Research Zoo #MRX

It’s a zoo in the market research world! Everyone has their own way of dealing with all the changes in our fair industry. So which animal best reflects who you are?

Dinosaurs – You started out doing paper surveys 30 years ago and you’re still doing them. You don’t have a computer, you don’t know what Facebook is, and the only blog you’ve ever read was the little red book with the quickly pickable lock under your daughter’s bed. Did someone print this out for you?

Ostriches – You have your head deeply buried in the sand. You’ve been doing survey research since you started working in the industry and you know there are lots of new methods and options out there. But, it’s scary and you don’t want to hear about it. Ever. Go away.

Sloths – You’ve heard what’s out there and have an idea of what is ahead for market researchers. But you’ve got other things to think about, like is the banana in your lunch totally bruised. You’ll stick with online surveys until someone shoves something else in front of you that you can’t get around. Unlike the laundry piled around your bed.

Turtles – You are slow and steady. You see all the cool things that have become available to market researchers in the last few years and are gradually making your way there. It’s a slow and steady walk but you need to make sure it’s the right move. Wow. You sounds kinda boring.

Lions – You’ve seen your target, realized you need it to fill out your diet, and have moved in for the kill. You devour new methods and opportunities without any fear. You sometimes cause fear in other and your lucky number is 37.

Nuthatches – You fly haphazardly all over the place from one new thing to another. Gaming! Online surveys! Co-creation! Mobile surveys! Social media research! Neuroscience! You’ve seen it! You’ve done it! You’re an expert in everything! But really an expert in nothing.

So which one are you?


2 responses

  1. Is there a category of 12-year-old boys with air rifles shooting at the nut hatches? That’s the category I want to be in.

  2. And which do you need to be to still exist in MR in 5 years? 🙂

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