Fake Science: What market research works to avoid #MRX

Within the market research community, we have ongoing discussions about whether market research is irrelevant and useless, usually because someone knowledgeable about the field has discovered a poor quality study. Focus groups aren’t scientific, survey panels aren’t probability samples, social media research isn’t representative. To clarify, a well-planned focus group can be scientific, surveys panels will never be probability samples, and social media research will be somewhat representative at some point. In every case, though, the distinguishing feature is that no method is perfect. But, when you put the methods in the hands of an experienced, high quality researcher, you will be sure to get the best possible outcome.

There is no dispute that market research is not a 100% scientific method. But we can easily avoid the quality of scientific research that went into the research shared on “Fake Science.” It’s a shame to hear about the candy corn – that is a favourite of mine.

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  1. It truly is rare to come across a professional person in whom you may have some faith. In the world today, nobody truly cares about showing others the solution in this subjecttopic. How lucky I am to have definitely found such a wonderful web site as this. It is really people like you exactly who make a genuine difference in this world through the suggestions they talk about.

    1. I are delighted with you amazing comments and talents. Thanks for being to recognizge mine.

  2. Hi Annie,

    I like your blog! Even if social media research isn’t CPS data representative, does that mean that brands shouldn’t pay attention to it? Believe we both agree that they should:)


  3. Hi Annie,

    I enjoyed the fake science! Your post reminded me that people often refer to ‘the scientific method’ as if a singular thing – there’s only one way of finding out information, one way of discovering the ‘truth’. When in reality there’s actually lots of different (sometimes contradictory) ways to conduct what people refer to as science.


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