Advertising to Real People – Including Researchers #MRX

We take our work very seriously. We are desperate to see the fourth decimal place, we need to know the exact date and exact sample size. We design questions that are so specific, the entire question takes up half of the page and no one really understands it.

But let’s leave our ivory tower of non-reality for just a few minutes and sit on the other side of the table. Instead of being the marketer, the researcher, or the client, let’s remember what it’s like to be the person who actually uses our product, watches our advertisement, and searches our website. Let’s remember what we are actually like as soon as we leave the office. We see all the silly things that other people are doing regarding marketing and advertising, often forgetting that we are doing the exact same things ourselves.

In an effort to remind ourselves that even marketers are real people, here are just a few of my favorites from a website called Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising. Laugh, learn, and think about them when we’re at work, not just when we’re at home. There’s many more where these came from!

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