A Chocolate Q-Sort Quiz #MRX

The q-sort is a useful technique in psychological research as well as market research.  And, it is a technique that is extremely useful in everyone’s every day life. How, you ask, could it possibly be useful in everyday life? Well, this is a typical evening in my life.

Last Halloween, I gave three people a set of halloween chocolates and candies, not stolen from small children, and asked them to sort the items from least favorite to most favorite.  And, I included a set of data representing my own results.

There are numerous biases to this particular research project. First, I did not use a probability sampling method that would permit generalization to the general population of Canada. I did, however, obtain a 100% response rate from the people who were home at the time of this ground-breaking study. You will also note that the full range of chocolates and candies was not included in this list, nor were all items the same size and weight.

The results from my scientific testing are displayed here. Apologies for the blurry images but you should be able to identify most of the brand names. Now, you might want to review the images and come to conclusions about what features of the candies result in them being placed at the top or bottom of the list but you might also want to guess which ranking is my result. Let’s play game #2.

The answer will come in a later blog. 🙂

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