Will Goodhand: Social Media Research and Digividuals #netgain #mrx

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Will Goodhand, Chief Brainjuicer, Comedien, Brainjuicer
What follows are some of my silly musings and key take-aways of the session.
– Going to discuss how social media research works on a very basic level
– “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity”, fear that clients have (and researchers too!)
– Data is the curse of market research: how do you gather, reduce, present, engage
– What about the unknown unknowns? We know what we don’t know, but what about the things we don’t know that we don’t know?
– DigiViduals – digital likeness of a person, we built it digitally, it has personality traits but it’s not a real person
– Opinion polling is wrong or so far out there it’s useless (wow! wild claim!)
– We need a lighter touch to research because people don’t always have access to their own reasons for doing or saying things
– Even if people aren’t trying to lie, and are being honest with themselves, the act of conducting research changes the results. Hurray! No more questionnaires!
– Data that comes from digividuals is surprisingly intuitive
– You can build personalities of people/brands using the words that they’ve chosen, it’s like building a tv show character
– You can go beyond the basic measures, like brand usage, and consider the sidebar conversations, like which rock bands they listen to
– Twitter is the most human dashboard you’ll ever see, you get words, pictures, music, video
– They created a character Ian using their bot engine. Gave him an emotional profile, gadgets, progressive, energetic, etc. Then the bot searches out tweets that match his profile. (I’ve never heard of this kind of research. I’ll need to check it out!)
– Within 5 posts, they always get an Iron Maiden video. (ha! 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon 🙂
– The collection of posts hitting these terms generates common themes of this fake person, this digividual. A person fond of music, using colors, lovey dovey books.
– You can do this same thing to products. What kind of TV would this digividual want?
– “insight” got used and I think it might actually have been an appropriate use!
– This research is very shareable (and easily understandable by researchers and non), let’s you get to understand your customers, creates concepts to test, brings trends to life
– Really great presentation, nice mix of methodology and results

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