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What follows are some of my silly musings and key take-aways of the session.
Sean Conry, Techneos: Mobile Research – New platform, new thinking
– “How do we move this 45 minute survey onto mobile.” No, this isn’t what mobile research is.
– Mobile lets you reach audiences that are difficult otherwise
– People are going to try to answer surveys on their mobile whether you like it or not – so help them do it.
– Gain new insites via this different method
– Specific study: During a UK bank holiday; what are you doing right now, where are you, who are you with, how do you feel, provide a photo or GPS
– (just did one of my famous typos! the word “during” always comes out as the name of my SO 🙂
– On average, 8 responses per person, 2.7 entries per day, 55% included photos, 38% included all GPS coordinates, 68% included at least 1 GPS coordinate
– On average, 15 words per message about “what are you doing”
– Visual trend spotting, major theme was food and how they were buying/cooking, media was another huge trend
– “Quantilative” new word for qualitative quantitative research…. interesting! Word comes from Monique Morden, previous speaker
– You can code photos with words, these are all food or facebook or reading or tv
– People who look after their kids DO have untraditional hobbies and interests and this lets us see them
– Great validation method is checking words with GPS. “I’m on the highway 401” and the GPS confirms this.
– 100% said they would do it again, 77% would recommend, 32% concerned about cost of data plan on phone, 23% concerned about being tracked, 3% diary is too instrusive
– Responders can’t download the aps to work phones
– Get better results if you don’t warn people the research is coming

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