Ray Poynter – Overview of Online Research Trends #netgain

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Author: Handbook of Online and Social Media Research
Director of The Future Place
First live blog of the day. What follows are some of my silly musings and key take-aways of the session.

  • Today’s timing device… an iPad! Perhaps this is today’s surprise giveaway? I wish!
  • Ray has just explained that different hand signals report different types of humor, because us Canadians don’t understand the UK sense of humour. 🙂
  • Someone just yelled out the number 55 in the middle of Ray speaking. And he gave them a free book. You tweeters know what that is about!
  • Electronic wake – the path you leave behind as you use electronic devices, phones, computers, etc
  • MROCs will go mainstream (everyone puts their head down and takes this note 🙂
  • There will be turf battles for listening research, problem is contendors are not from market research (except Conversition!)
  • There will be more niche services. Lots of money here but just small amounts for small companies.
  • Surveys will still be rubish. We know what makes a bad survey and we are still doing them, only worse. No one is really improving anything. (Ha! I agree. We still do this badly.)
  • Convenience sampling arrives. People will finally agree that research does not use probability samples. That whole confidence interval thing does not apply. “We have a great convenience sample!”
  • There will be a battle of the paradigms. Significance testing and confidence intervals is just a ritual in social sciences.
  • We will seek consistency but not validity. We know how to achieve consistency within a certain level of tolerance. Polling worries about validity and the rest market research needs to worry about that too.
  • Peak survey. There will never be more people on panels than there are right now. Everyone who wants to be on a panel is on a survey. At one point, there will never be more surveys done than at this point. (Are you scared?!)
  • Scandals similar to “patients like me” are going to show up more often in our industry. Prosecutions for falsifying evidence are happening more often. More people are sharing private surveys online, sharing how badly surveys are being done. (Will we smarten up or hide better?)
  • Qualitative will make a resurrgence. Might go up to 25% of industry in next few years. Ethnography is really getting thrown around. “ographies” will be all over the place. WHY is a qualitative question.
  • Buzz words for 2011 in Ray’s “humble” opinion (that’s how he said it!)
  • Declining: 2.0, collaboration, brain, engagement, representative, science
  • Increasing: one as in one number, infographics (NO!!!!!!!), smart as in phones, sentiment, scrapegates, ethno

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