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What follows are some my silly musings and key take-aways of the session.
– Community panels or MROCs are not a panacea, they will not replace everything
– Communispace and Vovici mentioned as other providers of MROCs (woo hoo!)
– Community component is the member to member interaction, unlike surveys where it is a one-way researcher to participants direction.
– Tricky aspect – Branded vs Blind, We need to embrace branded approach.
– Need to be authentic, client can’t hide issues, cut to the chase and be honest with members. It’s a philosphical change to research.
– Recruit challenges especially if you don’t have a client list. Have to use websites, social media, point of sale, on-site, any method you can think of.
– Size matters! It can be ten people, it can be a thousand people, you have the flexibility depending on whether you need qual or quant, and which model you are using.
– Remember these are PEOPLE not SAMPLE. This is not a one night stand, it is an ongoing relationship. (yeah, baby!)
– Representative of what? It’s rep of the people you’ve recruited. Recruit carefully. These are not genpop panels.
– Create a destination, make them feel a part of something, connected to the topic, engaging portals to engage with
– Portal challenges – design, everyone is an expert, new content, updating content, multi-lingual.
– Engagement is important – give variety of ways for people to participate, public, private, make it easy to agree or disgree (bingo on the word “leverage” 🙂
– Leverage photos and videos to engage and personalize (bing, bing, bing! on “leverage” 🙂
– Use discussion forums, get 10% to 20% of people participating, have moderator probe responses to build knowledge, don’t let it turn into a teenagers party where you don’t know what the hell is happening
– Analysis challenges – soooooo much information, how do you analyze open ends? (conversition would be happy to do this for you :), quant and qual collide, how do you analyze videos and photos and wordclouds?
– Member retention – consider extrinic and intrinsic methods, most important thing is WELL DESIGNED SURVEYS, not incentives
– You can’t do a 20 minute survey, cut out the fluff, drop the want to know, cut to the chase
– Incentive challenges – points or draws, cash or product, cost and fulfillment. Some panels have no incentives because the topic is self-fullfilling. Insurance had darn well better use incentives. Reward for good postings, special tasks.
– Communicate – You don’t need to send reports but little nuggets are good, let them know who has won incentives. Share insights via newsletters or nuggets in the emails.
– Recruit from your community panel to do focus groups. Moms get to get away from their kids, see new products. (What moms need time for themselves?)
– Global challenges – translation into 30+ languages, context of brand and market in different cultures/regions/politics. Forums are great training grounds for new researchers because you can think before you speak.
– Trends – GenY are mostly on their smart phone so you had better communicate with them in way that is meaningful to them.
– International community doesn’t mean english focus groups around the world. It means being part of the language and culture around the world.

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