Brian Singh: Insights from the Nenshi Campaign #netgain #mrx

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What follows are some of my silly musings and key take-aways of the session.
Brian Singh, ZINC Research, Insights from Nenshi Campaign
– Who is Nenshi? No awareness nor familiarity, no money for this political candidate in Calgary
– Used multiple methods, translated social media into REAL ACTION
– They needed to “seed” advocates, point people to where you want them to look, give something for people to talk about
– Are the people you are trying to speak to even on social media?
– They needed to connect to the hyper-engaged so that those people will build the information
– (They had a research strategy with their social media research!)
– Really nice perceptual map of leadership by personability, Nenshi was higher on personal, lower on leadership, very in the middle of the other political candidates
– Found the most common searches were “is he gay” and “is he muslim” – so they created videos around these questions
– Crowdsourced material is extremely important and usually the most popular
– People love the homemade political messages, barney images, handmade voting signs, graffiti
– Need to marry social media research with political polling, you must be literate in this method

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