Brian Levine: Neuroscience and Marketing Research #netgain #mrx

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President, Innerscope Research
What follows are some of my silly musings and key take-aways of the session.
– Yes, people are lazy. Let’s learn how to take advantage of laziness. People will look at whatever you’re pointing at. 🙂
– Not everyone is an Apple employee who is so good they don’t need to do market research (ha ha, this is a joke from recent news)
– They did a study that was 95% accurate predicting the outcome of speeddating (neato!)
– “Tell me and i will forget, show me and i may remember, involve me and i will understand”
– Nothing predicts behaviour like the impulse it follows
– FBI uses the lie detector to measure the “run away” impulse
– Market research uses the “want” impulse (major sales pitch follows from here, causing an aversion mechanism for me)
– Aversion creates specific retreat mechanisms, e.g., faces turn away; And enjoyment creates “leaning in”
– A pivotal TV commercial that went viral saw 50 people lean into the commercial all at the same time
– (Now I’m thinking I’d like some more coffee cake…. mmmm cake)
– Called a n=10 study qualitative compared to the last one which was n=40. (hm, both sound qualitative to me)
– Research participant only realized afterwards that she had purchased Aim toothpaste instead of Aquafresh simply because of an itunes ad on the toothpaste box. Watching the neuroscience information revealed it to her.
– (I think there’s a good presentation in here somewhere but I’m lazy and it wasn’t pointed out to me. 😦 Fingers crossed for his next presentation.)

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