Would you prefer to kill someone over helping families? #MRX

So what’s your answer? I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume that 99.9% of people would say no to that question.  There is only one way to answer it without making yourself feel like a horrible person. This is what makes it a leading question.

Now have a look at this survey that I received in the mail from Mr Bob Rae, my member of parliament.

Question #1: Are the Harper Conservatives right to give $6 billion in tax breaks to corporations and $16 billion to buy stealth fighters instead of supporting family care? Yes No

If I say yes, then I’m saying I want to give more money to already rich corporations, buy ridiculously expensive weapons that kill people, and let our  poor, starving families struggle without food and light and heat. I really have no choice but to answer no to this question.

Question #2: Do you agree with the Liberal Family Care Plan to help Canadians provide essential family care to family members who are gravely ill? Yes No

In this case, I have no choice but to say that I like the Liberal plan to help save my sweet old dying granny who has volunteered in the homeless shelter for five decades. You’ve got to be completely insane to just let my granny die.

Once I finished laughing at this supposed survey, I switched over to being angry. This is not a survey. This is a witchhunt. This is creating false data. A quality survey with balanced questions may not have provided the results they wanted to see, but it would have provided results which accurately the reflected the opinions of their constituents. This “survey” just makes me doubt the intelligence and intentions of the politician.

This “survey” is thousands of consumer dollars in the toilet, dollars that could have saved my dying granny.

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