Hear me out: Let’s ban boring surveys

October 2010 | By Annie Pettit

Ever had an idea that you know is genius, but everybody else thinks is crazy? Here is your chance to share it with the world of research. This month, Annie Pettit of Conversition Strategies calls for a ban on dull surveys.

What’s the big idea?
The big idea is that I want to review and have the final say on every single survey that researchers write. Any surveys I like will be licensed to launch, whereas all the badly written, bloated and boring ones will be banned.

Who made you judge and jury?
It’s my idea so of course I’ll be the judge. As for the jury, I’m going to hire people who are really boring, really arrogant and really dense. And I’ll make sure my jurors have plenty of other demands on their time – they’ll each have a volunteer job and six kids enrolled in various sports and music clubs (parents of sextuplets will be given preference).

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