How cool is market research? #mrx

If you didn’t already know, here are a few guidelines.

As cool as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt building orphanages with loving caregivers all around the world for every child who need a loving home.

As cool as participating in a 5k run for literacy wearing the most f***ing dope Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

As cool as the latest hip hop music video portraying skimply clad women prancing around a fully dressed man wearing 8 pounds of gold jewelry and flashing reams of fifty dollar bills.
As cool as Bieber fever at the local Tim Horton‘s coffee shop on a school night at 9pm but not a second later or you’re grounded young lady.

As cool as using your iPhone to preorder an iPad while listening to your iPod as you jog through Central Park wearing Nike+iPod shoes.

That’s how cool market research is.

2 responses

  1. hahahahaha Annie, you rock! Seriously, great post!

    Whenever I talk to anyone about my job/company they are always in envy and amazed about how freaking cool MR can be….especially younger people!

    They normally have not heard about qual research, so they are captivated by that, but I think the baseball stats junkie and the sorority President are equally MR-friendly. People just have some misperception that all MR consists of is survey monkey surveys and telemarketing….

    This needs to change!!

    🙂 Ben

    1. Why thank you! I only try to write dope posts.

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