Focus groups: The best and only research method

Here’s your task. Read the following list of tasks and identify which ones are useless to brands and clients: – Watching how people interact with and actually use a product – Listening to how people talk about products with their peers – Learning which features people use to convince other consumers – Learning how consumers convince others to use a product
– Observing facial expressions of disgust and shame and love and peace – Watching for passion and complacency

Your second task: Make a list of all of the research methods that are error-free, risk-free and always give valid and reliable results.

There may be no perfect research method but there’s definitely a place for focus groups.


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  1. Annie, thank you! Too many people have been disparaging focus groups of late. There’s life in the old girl yet. And thanks for your comment on my post. Add in @ZebraBites and we may have the makings of a movement here!

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