Kama Sutra Statistics

[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]To me, statistics means t-tests, anovas, factor analyses, cronbach’s and 8 billion other words that make many people cringe with horror. But the english language just won’t cooperate with me.

I love to chat with people who like and understand statistics. Sometimes you can tell from their screen names and usernames that you’ve got a lot in common.

“StatsGuy” and “CoolStatistics” usernames get my attention quickly. Until I find out that StatsGuy collects major league baseball statistics and CoolStatistics tracks the temperature of every American city.

There’s also “AskMeForCharts” who gets me excited because I want to see whether he likes boxplots or line charts better. But then I find out he’s been keeping a list of every number 1 song since 1923.

And “SMRguru” doesn’t mean I’ve found a soulmate who loves conducting Social Media Research. It just means the person has an addiction to learning everything they can about twitter and blogger and facebook and youtube and flickr and I could go on forever.

But maybe I’m just a pot complaining about a kettle. Folks have told me that my username isn’t particularly helpful either. So just to clarify, “LoveStats” means I love statistical analysis. It does not mean I maintain statistics that would be appropriately found in the Kama Sutra. At least not right now.

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