This is why Twitter will die

[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]When I started using Twitter, it was all about telling complete strangers what you had for breakfast. Well, maybe not exactly, but that’s what twitter haters thought.
I quickly learned that Twitter is about sharing links, sharing ideas, AND sharing the silly little things that make you smile and laugh. Of course there’s also the spam and the annoying inspirational quotes but you can unfollow those people darn quick.

The last few weeks have brought many fun tweets about Paul the Octopus and that’s made zipping through twitter fun. But I’ve noticed a trend over the last few months that makes me a little nervous. The cute and silly and funny is slowly dying down.


Twitter seems to be becoming more about being the first person to share a link, promote a business, and gain new followers, and less about individual ideas and the little funny things in life. Of course many of us use Twitter for business but there’s more to us than business, isn’t there?

I like to see a little personality along the way. Links become boring no matter how practical they are. Out of the hundreds of links that pass through my twitterstream, I’m more likely to choose the links shared by someone I feel a connection with. Those are the people who demonstrate that they have a personality behind the tweet.

So, if you find your twitterstream is becoming more boring and more lacking in personality, why not try some reverse psychology and share a little bit of the crazy that resides in you. Great inspiration will come by following @jeanm617, whose cynical tweets about work and family make me wonder if she’s telling the truth, and @cmastication, whose intelligently bizarre comebacks in the statistics world make me LOL so loud that other commuters stare at me.

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    10 responses

    1. I agree the need is for the real communication. Its really sad people just copy paste links to the articles.

      1. Yup, but it’s so much quicker to just paste links. It makes you look involved but real users see the difference.

    2. I completly agree. The need is to have some sort of real communication. Its really sad that people are more intrested to copy- paste links instead of sharing ideas, discussing ideas and more revelant stuff.

    3. I find the people I like most on Twitter don’t try to sell me anything. If I like them, I will find out what they do professionally on my own. This is not to say they can’t ever post anything business related but when I see a stream of article posts or RT’s or links, my eyes glaze over.

      Maybe the trend you notice is due to more newbies getting on Twitter who haven’t yet developed a more integrated personality on Twitter. When I first got on Twitter, I was less personal & more business until I “learned” differently.

      I have also put much more effort in deciding who I follow and who I don’t. I don’t automate it, which allows me to follow people who are more “real” and fun. So, I personally haven’t noticed the trend of which you speak.

      1. I glaze over the constant RT too because for certain people, you can tell they’re just filling up the twitter stream. The auto follow doesn’t interest me either because I want to follow tweets that interest me not that get the counts up.

    4. yeah I figure once my firm’s CEO starts following me I’ll STFU and act like a good little boy. But until then it’s fart jokes and profanity all around!

    5. I don’t disagree on your observations as what twitter has become. I am just not sure business could/would tweet similar things as the two example of tweets you found interesting.

    6. I agree that we want a little personality, but some people tweet nonsense so often that I’m regularly tempted to unfollow them – and then they provide that really useful link that stops me from clicking unfollow.

      1. I think it does need to be a balance which differs for everyone. It can’t be all silly and little substance, unless of course, the person’s sense of humour matches yours so perfectly that you love every silly tweet.

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