6 reasons why you should start a blog now

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[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]My blog goes through ups and downs. Sometimes I have nothing to say and other times I have ten posts ready at the end of a day. But why do I blog at all?

  1. Blogging clarifies my thinking. I have tons of ideas but writing them down means I have to think through the arguments carefully so that they become solid. I often find that my positions shift a little or a lot as a result.
  2. Every blog increases my subject line experiment by a sample size of 1. Will this title put a blip in the reader chart? Will this content put a blip in the comment chart? I love seeing the little blips in the charts and trying to figure out why it happened. Charts are my friends.
  3. I find like-minded friends. Sometimes I think I have an uncommon opinion but as soon as I post it, lots of people share their ‘me toos!’ What I thought was a risky opinion may actually be a common opinion just waiting to get out. And…I find different minded friends. These folks challenge my opinions and make me think harder. No matter whether I change my mind, my argument and my thought process is better for it.
  4. I meet people from around the world many of whom I would have never met otherwise, many of whom feel like penpals now. The world seems even smaller now than my pre-blogging days now that I have researcher friends in Australia, Belgium, Israel, and many other countries I have never even been to.
  5. It’s a good way to practice your writing skills in a small, but regular way. Bit by bit, I can tell that my writing is improving and I can write a lot more, a lot quicker, a lot more coherently.
  6. I’m really not a social person but this way, I can be. Take note all you introverted and/or shy people.

Why do you blog? Why DON’T you blog?

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