Top 10 MR “I beg to differ!” topics

[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]If you’re bored and have a few hours to spare, here are a few conversation topics that are sure to grab the attention of researchers.

Or, if you just want a quick MR quiz, you can count how many times you get angry at one of these topics.

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In no particular order…

  1. The internet may not be private but researchers must respect the presumed personal space in social networks
  2. There is no such thing as random probability sampling in research with people
  3. Statistics are guides and thought provokers, not indicators of truth (, justice and the american way)
  4. Researchers don’t know how to make quality charts
  5. Researchers are the cause of poor survey design, not clients
  6. Researchers are much to blame for the decline in survey response rates and survey panel retention
  7. Researchers are scared to say no to clients and won’t say it even when they should
  8. Conference presenters need to stop rehashing old material and start teaching new material
  9. Pie charts must never be used

Oops, that’s only 9. But still, count up how many of those statements made you think “I beg to differ!”

Your score:

0: Cream Puff: You acquiesce and have no opinions of your own. You are dumped from my dataset.
1 to 3: Capable: You have some of your own opinions and you know what matters in research. That’s good. We can be friends. Go buy me cookies.
4 to 7: Critic: You have the guts to say no to a client. Good for you! But, you need to get your act together because you’re not getting it.
8 or 9: Combatant: You’re disagreeing on purpose! You too are dumped from my dataset

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