MRA Boston Day 1 – Tweeple save the day!

[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]What a lovely day in Boston! The World Trade Center has a gorgeous view on all sides.
View from the speed networking room. The building is a restau... on Twitpic View out the other side of the building. There is NO bad view... on Twitpic

It all started with speed networking. About 120 people joined in for the business version of speed dating, each person meeting up with 6 other random people. 6 minutes is too long to see if there’s a business fit but  it worked out in the end. It’s a great concept and I look forward to doing it again.
This is the setup for speed networking. Fun! #MRA_AC  on Twitpic Look at all those badges! #MRA_AC  on Twitpic

Next up was a session on social media research by Stever Alexander of Senerdio. We had an offline debate over whether sampling and weighting are truly necessary in social media research. My point – we are unable to gather the entire universe of data, a la twitter releases different sets of data to different people. His point – we do gather the entire universe of data because we only gather from the sources we are interested in. That’s the beauty of SMR. There are so many different points of view and we will be working them out over the next couple of years.

After that was the best presentation of the day. Ok, I’m a tad biased here. It was my presentation on social media research. I’ll be posting the presentation in the usual places later on so you can check it out if you weren’t at MRA. No worries! The funny thing, though not so funny for the first few minutes, was that my presentation was built in the newest version of PPT but the designated laptop only had a 7 year old version of PPT. Have no fears though, as my hero @SpychResearch saved the day by putting my pres on his Mac, backsaving it to PPT2003, and then dropping it back on to the designated computer. I was presenting in no time at all! And, just like MRIA, it was a completely packed house! It makes me really happy to see so many people so interested social media research. And, they had lots of smart questions! Thanks to everyone who chose to come see this session. PS, the Spanish translations were courtesy of my colleague Fernando, one of our AWESOME programmers.

After that was the expo where I took some photos of the exhibitors. Some of them didn’t know what Twitter was so I had to explain first and then see if they wanted to pose for a picture. In the end, everyone agreed. 🙂
Hi Toluna! I like the finger puppets :) #MRA_AC  on Twitpic Hi USamp! #MRA_AC  on Twitpic Hi Bayasoft! LOVE the Market Research Maverick shirt! Love lo... on Twitpic Hi Tele-Surveys Plus! #MRA_AC  on Twitpic Hi SSI and my buddy Jim Ransom! #MRA_AC  on Twitpic Hi Canadian Viewpoint! #MRA_AC  on Twitpic

Also in the exhibitor section was a spin the wheel where I won an Amazon gift card. Let’s see which colleague wants this! And, there’s a guess the number of Boston beans in the jar contest. I’m counting on my online fans to tell me what number to guess.
Spin the wheel, win a prize! I won an Amazon giftcard. Which ... on Twitpic Ok tweeple, I need to guess the total number of beans in thes... on Twitpic

I also found some fun toys to bring back home for my colleagues. The pen and the ruler are mine though. Hands off!
But they will love this soccer ball (football?) from eRewards... on Twitpic Not are they getting this ruler from SSI. Why do I love ruler... on Twitpic My colleagues are NOT getting this pen from FOCUSForward. :) ... on Twitpic

And, the last talk of the day was the keynote by Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research. Unfortunately, I missed half of it because so many people caught up to me in the expo.

And that was day 1! What’s up for tomorrow? Just you wait and see!

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  1. Great recap! Love the pics!

  2. Neil Wilkinson

    Have been following #MRA_AC all day. Very jealous that I am not there. Looks like a GREAT conference.

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