5 random things I like about statistics and proof you are a dork

Plot of a boxplot.

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[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]You are a dork. The proof is that you thought a blog post about statistics might be interesting. I admire your strange interest in statistics.

  1. I like how trend lines become straighter and straighter as you increase the sample size
  2. I like how box plots convey everything you need to know about a distribution
  3. I like 3 dimensional maps where the axes take you hours to name and then you go “duh, of course!”
  4. I like mahalanobis distance, cronbachs alpha, and factor analysis.
  5. I like how effect sizes can make statistical significance irrelevant.

Again, your turn!

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    3 responses

    1. I like de-dupping, stepwise regression (gasp!), jack-knifed samples, oblique rotations, and nonlinear estimation.

    2. Only one more to add:

      1) I LOVE that we have arrived at a place where it is perfectly acceptable and possibly even beneficial to admit that you are a dork.

    3. surveysoftwarenews

      1) I like top-1 box scores
      2) I like figuring out the only two dimensions the client scored well on so that I can show them a quadrant analysis with them in the upper right corner
      3) I like reciting ten digits of pi (3.141592654)
      4) I like forecasting using the Gompertz curve mapped to historical data
      5) I like that our old desktop software used to present the average of street addresses

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