5 random things about me

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1) In kindergarten, I won an award for having the quietest voice and the sweetest smile. I figure it was the teachers nice way of saying I need to speak up more. Or at least once.

2) I was hit in the head with an axe when I was ten years old. I didn’t feel any pain even though it gushed all over. I remember being worried that my mom would get me in trouble for misbehaving and for using up an entire box of kleenex to stop the blood. A hospital visit with needles and stitches ensued and all was fine. And how you ask? I was careless enough to walk behind my ten year old friend as he swung the axe over his head in preparation for a big swing forwards.

3) I am shy. People who I meet now don’t believe it but those who knew me before I was 20 can tell you. Couldn’t order food in a restaurant. Couldn’t purchase items in a store. Couldn’t smile at or say hi to someone passing in the hallway. When I hear shy people being called arrogant for not talking to people, it upsets me because I know the pain they are going through. I’m still shy but I work very hard to hide it. Sometimes I succeed. Please don’t point it out. You’ll only make it worse.

4) I would only have things that are pink if the world so produced and the people in it didn’t think I was utterly insane. Pink clothes, shoes, computers, houses, sugar.

5) I can gross people out by bending my thumb backwards. Did it work on you?

So who’s next?!


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  1. Ha! I’ll play!
    1. I once (at age 10) got a fish hook stuck in my left cheek. Yes, the low one.
    2. I like foods you eat with your hands (fajitas, moo shi, etc)
    3. I reuse ziploc storage bags.
    4. I cannot walk and drink at the same time–I will spill.
    5. As a child, I went to Quaker schools (which I loved).

  2. Here’s a list of 25 I made some time ago:


    Will make sure to be the one to say hello if I see you at a conference – though I’m probably a bit introverted myself; but it’s changing 😉

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