3 Simplistic Requirements to Leverage Transparent Relationships for Synergistic Returns

Positive Feedback!

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[tweetmeme source=”lovestats” only_single=false]I occasionally like to entertain people by engaging in executive speak.
“We have a great team here. We’ve made a lot of progress and accomplished many important goals. We need to continue to work together and build strong relationships. We’ve demonstrated passion and hard work and we will continue to grow.”

I think I’m going to chuckle and throw up at the same time. That inspirational summary managed to say a whole lot of nothing in many words. What progress? What goals? What relationships? This kind of chatter might make people feel good but without any operationalization, you’d be better off singing the alphabet. You’re a researcher. You know exactly how to operationalize.

Name the goal, say how many days early it was accomplished, say which clients gave positive feedback, describe the positive feedback. It might take more time but this is how your team will be able to reproduce the great outcome the next time. Which I assume is what you were trying to do.

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    1. I’m re-reading that book at the moment. It’s pretty awesome. Tim Phillips blogs very entertainingly about this sort of nonsense on our site: http://www.research-live.com/talk-normal/4001001.bloglead

    2. Barrie Rappaport

      Bob beat me to it. I was going to recommend one of my favorite business/writing books as well.
      Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: A Bullfighter’s Guide (9780743269094): Brian Fugere, Chelsea Hardaway, Jon Warshawsky

    3. Barrie Rappaport

      Why Business People Speak Like Idiots By Brian Fugere, Chelsea Hardaway, Jon Warshawsky
      (ISBN 9780743269094)

      If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it – based on your post, you’ll love it!

    4. reminds me of one of my favorite books – why business people speak like idiots. http://www.fightthebull.com

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