That’s not my job… or is it? Someone please tell me!

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Where does the line fall?

As a researcher, my skills are carefully slotted into the design, analysis, and interpretation of research. And by interpretation, I mean explaining what the numbers on a chart are, explaining if/why they are significantly different, explaining how they relate to each other.

But where does explaining the consequences of the numbers come into play? Who is the right person to draw conclusions about implications and action items? Is it the researcher? Is it the client? Is it a collaboration?

I’m just asking.

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    2 responses

    1. Are you an independent research or in-house? If independent, it is very hard to work at a consulting level, since you are often at an information disadvantage. If internal, it is still hard (siloed information, information not shared), but easier to work at a consulting level due to knowledge about the background.

      Either way, most clients are looking for more than the what – they want the so what and in some cases, the now what. Collaboration is often the best bet, but hard to achieve given limited windows of time.

    2. My answer to your queston is ‘collaboration.’ I am a marketing researcher. But I also try to be called me ‘Consumer Planner,’ who makes research design, analyzes the data, finds the answers of the marketing issues/problems, digs consumer insights, and suggests effective actions for sales increase. I try to play a role of planners of marketing & sales promotion in addition to researcher. Researchers have been required to play a role of more than MR1.0 researchers under the word of ‘consumer insight’ in the past decade. Thus, I would like to say that we should not limt our capability/role in the marketing activities by ourselves. This attitude also leads us to upgrade research contribution, and leads the client to feel happy to our work. –Shiggy

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