How to be unfollowed and other twetiquette

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I guess I’ve been a tweeter for about a year now. Does that mean I should have a few words of wisdom to share? Well, if we’re all going to play in the same sandbox, I ought to do my part to make it a good sandbox.

  1. If you’re going to say something horribly mean, don’t name names. First, that’s just not nice and your gramma would wash your mouth out with soap. Second, it makes you look just as bad as the person you’re being nasty to.
  2. It’s ok to critique. Just make sure any negative comments are helpful and respectful.
  3. Don’t auto DM. Unless you’re spam. Then do auto DM so we can all block you.
  4. It’s ok to not follow everyone who follows you. We’re big boys and girls so if this sort of thing hurts your feelings, you might want to spend some time soul searching.

5) It’s ok to stop following someone if you are offended by their tweets. It’s just like putting a book back on the shelf because you thought you were getting romance but you were actually getting porn.
7) Try not to tweet every 5 minutes particularly if you say the same thing every time. You fill up people’s twitter stream and and it makes their experience very boring. (Take note research person who has the best you know what in all of you know where.)
8) The internet is permanent. Imagine that whatever you write will come up in your next interview. And I may not be all that forgiving.
9) Ignore all the rules about what topics are allowed on twitter. It’s not just for conversations and relationships and what you had for breakfast. It’s for whatever you enjoy tweeting about.

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