Wussup 2010!

You may have noticed my failed attempt to sound really cool with that title. My apologies to those who know I’m not.

To start the new year, I thought I’d put aside the chocolate mountain for a few minutes and chat about what I expect to see in the upcoming year for market research.

1) Social media research increases exponentially – it’s been hot all year and now there is finally some infrastructure to support a quality offering. Watch out!
2) Privacy upheaval over social media research – Everyone wants to know demos and geos of the contributors. Not only will that NOT happen, but contributors will start to realize what’s going on and pull back even more. Watch out Esomar, ARF, MRA, MRIA – this ball will soon be in your court!
3) Resurgence in qualitative research techniques – a long lost skill that is suddenly invaluable. Those linguists and sociologists who didn’t listen to their moms advice about a useful degree will now have great jobs at their fingertips.
4) Cell phone research finally gains a standing – though still not as huge as expected, people will start to figure out how to use it properly, and I do not mean 20 minute surveys
5) Communities will become the next panels – great uptake followed by great downtake, some innovation and some rescue for the research industry

And now its your turn. What are your psychic premonitions?

Happy 2010
Happy 2010‘ by teapotqueen via Flickr
Image is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

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