The Lab Rats We Sometimes Remember Are People #li

The MR business relies almost 100% on the kindness and generosity of our fellow human beings. We hope that people will answer unending surveys on the most boring topics with far more attention than they pay to their favorite child. Basically, we expect people to be lab rats at our beck and call.

But do we show them the respect they deserve? The respect they earned? Take out the last survey you wrote and give it a good look. Was it more than 15 minutes long? Did if have more than ten items in a grid? Were there more than two grids? Did you use marketing language not people language? Did you include outs on every question (DK, none)? I think I know the answer without even seeing the survey myself.

People must come first. Long surveys must go. Boring questions must go. Confusing question set-ups must go. The declining numbers of survey responders who put up with our bad behaviours now cannot sustain our industry for very long.

In the spirit of the season, consider better surveys your gift to the research community.

Apple‘ by AlexK100 via Flickr
Image is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence

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