The most horrible stupidest smartest amazing way to write surveys!!!

Did that title get your attention, for good or bad? What if I had said “An ok way to write pretty good surveys?” Would you have bothered to click through? Would you have gotten bored reading the post by the third sentence? I’m pretty sure you would.

We all know that subject lines must be a bit edgy to get a response, but what about the post itself? I’ve taken extreme positions before in the quest to be a bit edgy. Not safe, not easy, but provoking. I hate cell phone surveys. Surveys must be under 15 minutes. Only experts should write surveys.

I do feel strongly about these positions but in all honesty, they do not reflect my absolute 100% true opinion. Really, how can there never be exceptions or room for adjustments? But, they do cause lots of disagreements and discussion which might have never taken place otherwise.
With that in mind, let’s see what happens when I say you must never use a scale with more than five points. 🙂

Everybody is surrounded by many question marks!!!
Everybody is surrounded by many ques…‘ by ePi.Longo via Flickr
Image is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

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