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In the research user world, there are those who believe in writing and analyzing their own surveys and there are those who believe that experts should write and analyze surveys for them. I’m probably biased, but I believe that survey writing is such a precise and difficult skill, that you should always have an expert write for you.

Along the same premise, I can see DIY twesearch (yeah, twitter research) becoming a hot topic. This one scares me to the same degree as DIY surveys. I think it’s great that brands can do quick searches of their brand name and find out what consumers are chatting about. But, I worry that the untrained human brain isn’t sufficiently non-biased to be able to monitor and interpret the findings fairly.

Know how you can’t find typos in things you’ve written yourself? Heard of the self-fulfilling prophesy? I know just how easy it is for someone to accidentally miss what they don’t want to see and find everything they do want to see even if it isn’t there. The untrained researcher isn’t always equipped with the skills to prepare a comprehensive research process that will give fair and reliable results.

So by all means, do some DIY twesearch. But when you’re ready turn that chatter into business decisions, make sure you bring in some research pros.

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