Calling MR Bloggers: One Topic, Five Perspectives

Hey there research blogger,

Wanna play a game? Here’s my proposal. Someone picks a topic and then without any consultation, we each write our own blog on that topic and post it at the same time. Open to suggestions, but let’s say:

  • 500 words
  • one topic per month
  • each person contributes one topic

It would be interesting to see how our perspectives differ. If you’re in, leave me a comment here and we’ll get this started!


*** Update: Game is on! We have five bloggers! The first post will appear December 15. Watch for notices!



2 responses

  1. Topic that’s of relevance to me personally, is the impact of rich media “2.0” question types in MR. We know that not much has changed in the way ‘traditional’ online radio button type questions have been asked, other than shading rows & columns.
    – But what about ‘sliders’, and ‘drag n drops’, and ‘magnetic boards’?

    element54 has led 2 massive R&D initiatives into this issue – and the learning is clear … changes in online design impact the results.

    We have a new source of potential bias in our surveys – and need to have best practices and standards catch up with technology.

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