Chicago’s Fabulous Architecture

Day 2 of my preparation for the Esomar marketing research conference included a bunch of different things. A walk along the beach, a visit to the Lincoln Park zoo (looked like Grampa’s farm to me), a two hour double decker narrated tour of the architecture around the city, a visit to the bean, a welk past the 20 or so bridges, and ended with a cupcake song at the Hershey store.

The hop on – hop off tour is quite nice even if you never hop on or off. You get a nice narration about the city, all of the most interesting buildings are pointed out, and your feet don’t end up killing just because you’re lost.

Like Toronto, a huge chunk of chicago is just landfill. In the case of chicago, after a fire that burned down 17 000 buildings, they bulldozed all the ruins into the lake and just built more stuff on top of that. I’m puzzled about whether i like the solution but since the solution is a lot of parks, i’m good.

The city is really well-maintained. i didn’t notice much garbage on the streets and the parks and gardens are just lovely even though the gardening season is practically done. I passed a ton of name brand stores but don’t ask me what they were since i don’t much care. Odd since i work in marketing!

Just like yesterday, here are a few of my favourite pics. If you take a billion, some of them will turn out ok! if you pay very very close attention, you will see me in the bean. 🙂

IMG_3331 IMG_3480 IMG_3472 IMG_3523 IMG_3384 IMG_3452


3 responses

  1. What is “the bean”?

    1. it’s a huge silver sculpture in the shape of a bean that reflects you and the skyline. People are fascinated by it! Me too!

  2. The Brooklyn Zoo???? Where are you? By the way, the last picture is of Lake Point Tower and i asked my wife to marry me at the top of it. Nice restaurant called Cite’

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