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ok, this is just a pet peeve of mine.You can talk about IQ or you can talk about intelligence.

If you want the dictionary definition, IQ is “that which intelligence tests measure.” So, if you take the Weschler IQ test or a Mensa IQ test, you are assigned a number that says how smart you are. A lot of care has gone into developing those test so we can only assume that they are well written and produce valid and reliable results. Hopefully, whoever developed those tests didn’t miss something, the one thing that really shows how smart you are.

Intelligence, on the other hand, isn’t so well defined. Somehow, someway, it’s a measure of how smart you are. But what is smart? Intelligence is almost impossible to define. “Quick as a whip” or  “Sharp as a tack” are two ways we talk about intelligence. People generally know what intelligence is but we just can’t nail down a definition.

So here is my pet peeve. I believe that you can alter your IQ. You can buy a book, train for a test, eat healthier, and exercise better, all in the effort to improve your score on an IQ test. However, I do not believe you can alter your intelligence. Intelligence is something you are born with. If you eat well and live well, you can enable your intelligence to express itself to its full potential. If you don’t live well, your intelligence remains unaffected, but it just can’t express itself via an IQ test.

Well, that’s my theory anyways. Feel free to disagree.


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  1. I disagree (hey, you asked for it!). If IQ is a measure of intelligence, a scale if you will, and you can alter your IQ, then this means that you are altering your intelligence.

    Look at it from another point: if I can learn how to do better on IQ tests, even if I just learn how they work and I just “trick” them, it still means that I am or have become smarter in the process by learning how to do that. So I did improve my intelligence by scoring higher in an IQ test!

    Feel free to disagree.

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