My Secret Relationship via Twitter

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I’m in a relationship so secret, my spouse doesn’t even know about it. In fact, I didn’t even know about it!

The last time I moved, I used the services of a realtor. He was absolutely wonderful and I recommend him every chance I get. (If you’re looking in central Toronto, let me know and I’ll give you his contact info.) He knew everything about the neighbourhood, about the style and build and quality of every type of house in the neighbourhood. It took a long time, but I eventually found a house I liked. I got the standard congratulations note from him and a quick follow-up to see if everything was ok. But, a couple months later, I got a phone call. He wanted to know when my birthday was so he could give me a call and say Happy Birthday. It seems not only did he sell houses, he also built relationships. However, I was only in the market for a house. My friend card was full up.
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Seems to me that Twitter has done the same thing. Other than the DMs selling you junk and telling you you’ve won free junk, read a few of the automated DMs that you receive but never pay attention to.

  • Thank you for the follow! Look forward to connecting with you!
  • “Thanks for following, look forward to building a relationship with you.”
  • “Isn’t it fun to get to know each other?”
  • Hi, I look forward to your tweets & keeping you inspired

I’m sure most folks are trying to be polite, but I think they have mistaken my follow for a personalized request for friendship or a business relationship. No, i’m really not interested in the minute details of your life. I truly do not hang on to every link you share nor internalize every thought you have.  In fact, i probably won’t even see most of your tweets because i’m following so many people. i quite like the fact that any time i log on, i’m presented with a random bunch of tweets from a random bunch of people. It must be the researcher in me desperate for a random sample.

So why am I following you in particular? Because among all the tweets you send out I expect that one or two will be of possible interest or just be plain funny or silly.  You did it at least once before. Assuming that the best predictor future behaviour is past behaviour, luck is on my side. So thanks for thinking I wanted to be  your best bud but as I said, my friend card is full up.


Negative Nelly 🙂

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