The Correct Way to Use Twitter

Gpa's painting

I apologize in advance to those who disagree with my opinions. These are mine and you’re welcome to disagree profusely. Be sure to at least follow the last rule though. I’d appreciate it.
1) Use Twitter for your own personal enjoyment

2) Tweet about work and/or play

3) Tweet about stupid ridiculous things such as ‘I am purple’

4) Tweet genuinely

5) Appreciate the disparate opinions of others

6) Don’t auto-tweet your sales pitch

7) Reply or don’t reply to other people

8) Retweet or don’t retweet other people (apparently 8 with a ) means sunglass smiley)

9) Share links or don’t share links

10) Don’t insist that other people use Twitter the same way you do

11) The totality of Twitter users defines the use of Twitter. Not just people who agree with you.

12) There is no correct way to use Twitter. Use it to suit your unique purpose.

13) Enjoy my Grandfather’s oil painting


2 responses

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s surprising how such a fresh medium of communication has already sprouted elitists. I guess it’s the nature of things.

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